Terms of Service

QAIA is currently in beta, which means that it is still under construction. Incidentally application features, pricing, and appearance will change by the time the application is complete. Data stored by application users (e.g. you) is not guaranteed to remain in our database until the time QAIA goes live (it is, however, our full intention to save all data from the Beta stages). Do not store any business critical data or otherwise any information that you would not want to be lost.

We promise to never sell your companies or users private information to third parties, nor will we send unsolicited emails. We may periodically release aggregated data or reports acting on all companies using QAIA, which will not include any personally or company identifying information. Think along the lines of "50% of our companies have between 10 and 20 clients".

By signing up for the beta application, you acknowledge that we will send you an email before the application does go live. We will also likely send emails if there are major changes to the application or if your data needs to be deleted.